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Estate Planning & Probate

The Carr Law Firm focuses on the fields of Estate Planning and Probate, which includes drafting Wills, Trusts, and medical directives like Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney, as well as providing legal counsel and advice in matters of Probate, specifically estate administration.  Since founding the Carr Law Firm in 2015, Attorney Adam Carr has found that the best way to help his clients’ unique legal challenges is to understand the clients’ goals on a personal level. Read on to learn more about the services our firm provides, and call us today.  Your issues are important to us. 


Last Will and Testaments

Stay in control

Start your estate planning with a will.  A will simply directs to whom you want your assets to pass upon your death.  Otherwise, you're leaving it up to a Probate court to distribute them pursuant to state statute.  We think everyone deserves the ability to decide for themselves.  You'll be so surprised at how quick and easy this process is that you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.  After just a few simple questions you'll have a fully executed will that has been drafted by an experienced attorney and tailored to your wishes.


Create a lasting legacy

Ever hear someone talk about "avoiding Probate"? Well, they were most likely referring to a trust.  Trusts are very versatile documents meant to accomplish a variety of tasks.  In essence, a trust places certain assets, like a house, in the name of a trust, for the benefit of the trust beneficiary.  They look much like a Will and run from very simple to very complex.  Whether you want to simply avoid probate or take care of loved ones long after you're gone, ask us about creating a trust.

Medical Directives: Living Wills, Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Hope for the best.  Prepare for the worst.

If the thought of being unconscious on breathing and feeding machines scares you, consider executing a Living Will.  A Living Will directs whether you want to be kept on artificial nutrition and hydration if you are in a persistent vegetative state or have a terminal illness likely to result in death in a short period of time.  To go a step further, a Living Will works well in tandem with a Healthcare Power of Attorney, which gives someone else the ability to make healthcare decisions on your behalf in situations NOT covered by a Living Will.  We highly recommend having these done whether young, old, healthy, or sick.  


"Not only did Adam quickly answer our inquiries, he put together all the paperwork and instructions and then met us at our home at a time that was convenient for us, it was evening so I know it wasn't convenient for him. He did follow up and was just overall a pleasure to work with. I recommend him to anyone in need of estate planning."


"My wife and I selected Attorney Adam Carr to handle a legal issue for us. The issue was handled very proficiently and in a timely manner. Attorney Carr has excellent interpersonal skills, as well as having in depth knowledge of legal matters, too. Both my wife and I felt very comfortable with Attorney Carr and we feel he is very honest and reliable.  I strongly recommend Attorney Carr and have no reservations of using him in the future."

"Adam was extremely helpful in the preparation of our wills 
He explained everything throughly and was ready for us when we came in to sign. We are using Adam for other a number of other items too. I would certainly recommend Adam."


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